A few testimonials

"Linda is a great couch and an absolutely wonderful person.  She helped me tremendously in coping with tragic and unexpected loss of my husband. Without her I would not know how to process the tragedy that changed my life forever. She was able to guide me through my emotional pain and helped to heal  from something that I thought I never would be able to recover. Her ability to listen, to understand the pain of the loss, and at the same time setting and example of hope and recovery from the loss was invaluable to me.  I am so grateful to her for everything that she had done to me and I admire her for helping others after her own loss."

Maria T.

"I would definitely recommend Linda to anyone who is suffering a loss;  she is professional, empathetic and a great listener.   Linda helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life.   I don't know where I would be without her.  She provided a loving and safe environment that allowed me to express my pain, process it, and move on with my life in a healthy way."  

“Linda is a sincere and warmhearted individual who I highly recommend as a coach. She has excellent listening skills and great insight. Linda has coached me through some of my most difficult moments and I always feel better after our sessions.” December 17, 2012

"Linda has a heart for others. She has dealt with her own grief and will be able to guide and support you from pain to peace. She listens to you and knows the right questions to ask. I highly recommend Linda as a Grief Relief Coach."

"I have worked with Linda in the past and I know her to be a warm, caring, conscientious professional, who lives to provide comfort and encouragement to others".

"Linda hired me as her Realtor. I can not say enough about her people skills, listening ,and the way she handle the process of selling her home in a difficult time of her life. Linda is very warm and easy to talk to person. I just wish for my self more clients like Linda"

From Various Course Participants
“really amazing”   “Very personable, warm, and created a safe environment”   “Excellent facilitation”  “You are both lovely, open, and validating”  “Trainers very dynamic and helpful”    “Safe environment, constant check-ins, sensitivity”    “Fun and upbeat presenters given the difficult topic”