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To empower clients through writing, coaching, teaching, speaking , hypnosis, and advocating for mental health. 

 I focus on empowering clients to heal their broken heart and start living life.  Grief can hurt so badly, that the pain in our heart can feel physical.   Grief is a natural reaction to loss that can take us down like a storm.   Grief can bring you to your knees, which is true on so many levels. 

With Grief Coaching you will find support, emotional relief, new hope, and peace.  When you are ready to take that next step, Life Coaching can help you with a plan of rebuilding your life, and finding the path that you are meant to be on. Hypnotherapy is an extra option that can help you in areas that you feel stuck and you need a little push to implement a difficult change.  

There is life after loss. You can find feelings of hope, peace, and joy. Time does not heal all things, it is what you decide to do with your time that leads to your destiny. 

No situation is hopeless, no matter what your loss. 

Your Grief and Life Coach




Heal your broken heart and get back to life.  I can help you deal with your grief from the time of your loss, through recovery, to a new purpose in life.   Without hope, a broken heart can become depressed, anxious, or uncertain. 

I  help clients who have lost a loved one to suicide, natural death,  sudden or  traumatic death, or anyone who is stuck and struggling with death or loss (ie. divorce/separation, job loss, etc). 

Sometimes life can become too much to handle on our own. 

Clients need someone who will listen, understand and help provide some support, feedback, and direction. 

Life Coaching is a great choice when you are looking to make some difficult life decisions regarding work, relationships, education, or any major changes in your life.

Many of us struggle with our grief, and it becomes to much to handle on our own.  Many times our family and friends are ready to move on before we are. 

No Challenge is Too Big or Too Small.  


client Promise


I promise to be there for you every step of your journey. My goal is to help you get started, where ever that fits within your journey.  Whether you need to heal your heart, grow from your loss, or find a path that means living your best life.  I promise to customize my own tools for you, so that you receive the best experience possible. 

I promise to recommend additional resources I believe may help you in moving forward.  Each client's journey is very unique.  There are cases where I may recommend you also visit a health care professional.

This journey will take work.  With your commitment to change,  I promise to help you discover possibilities that you never thought possible.  As your Coach, I will help guide you, but ultimately the change comes from within you.

You have made an important first step.  You are here, and you are worth it.



grief & Life coaching


Pain, sadness, heartbreak, and confusion are just a few of the most common and uncomfortable emotions that we can experience in our grief. Through grief and life coaching, we are able to help you find hope, motivation, and joy.  With this will come action towards new beginnings and purpose.  

Grief contains a lot of sadness and heartbreak, but going through grief can mean growth and change in your life.  You may feel like you are re-building your house piece by piece into a beautiful place of hope, love, joy, and safety.  Help is often needed in this journey of re-building.  This is where your Grief shifts towards Life. 

Many of us get stuck in victim roles when we lose a loved one.  It is up to you to not go that way.  Become a survivor through your grief. 


Author, Trainer, speaker


Excited to announce that I am the Author of a new and upcoming book.

 It's My Grief & I'll Cry if I Want To.  

Stay tuned for the book's release in in late Spring 2019.  

Scheduling speaking engagements.

ASIST is a training that is near and dear to my heart, as a Mental Health Advocate. The ASIST workshop is for individuals, groups, and caregivers who want to feel more comfortable, confident and competent in helping to prevent the immediate risk of suicide.  There have been two million worldwide that have been trained in this two-day, highly interactive, practical, practice-oriented workshop on suicide first aid.

Send me a message to book a speaking engagement, attend a public ASIST, or schedule and in-house ASIST at your business.




Trained and certified through the National Guild of Hypnotists.  Hypnosis is offered as an individual service or in conjunction with Coaching, depending on individual client needs. 

With Grief, comes change and growth. Change is hard for most of us and sometimes needs a little extra push on things like: Grief; Forgiveness; Self Care; Anxiety & Stress; Finding Love; Relaxation and Sleep; Self-Confidence & Motivation; Stress and Anxiety; Fears and Phobias; Employment and Financial; Smoking/Addictions; and Weight Management 

Hypnotherapy is a great option for many areas of your life you are struggling with, and just can't seem to get motivated enough to make that important change. 

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