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Linda Marshall is a dynamic entrepreneur who helps people work through grief and rebuild after loss. She is an Author, Grief & Life Coach, Trainer, Advocate for Mental Health, and Hypnotherapist.  She is a passionate trainer and speaker who spends her time teaching suicide intervention (ASIST) to students, first responders, military, health care workers, teachers, community volunteers, or anyone who wants to be a helper.  Linda lost her first 13-year marriage and father to her two daughters, as a result of living with a husband for several years with drug addiction and alcoholism.  Eventually she found the strength to leave, and went on as a single parent working in a low paying job, and going to university at times full-time to graduate in Business Administration, which she eventually did in 2002.  Linda received the Joyce Kennedy Adult Learners’ Award in 2001 for Atlantic Canada. 

Linda and Barry became a happy couple in April 2000, and life started to look up for her.  In 2004, she moved herself and her two daughters to Ontario Canada where she, Barry, and her daughters started a new life together.  Linda grew her career in Business Development in Ontario eventually hitting an Executive level position, winning the President's Club award for 2010. With her success, came a low that was beyond words for her to describe.  The family tragically lost Barry to suicide on February 17, 2011.  This was the day that everything changed and once again she was faced with a journey of recovery, survival, and rebuilding.  Barry's death became the most traumatic and challenging journey yet, with many difficult decisions to be made.  

She packed up and moved back to her hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia in May 2011.  Her interest in grief healing and recovery became her life, and eventually it was all about helping others move forward after loss or trauma.  In November 2011, she registered in a Grief & Life Coaching Program and completed her Certification 14 months later.  She then started her own Grief & Life Coaching practice and started volunteering with the Halifax Regional Police, Victim Services Division. In 2014 she decided she wanted to add ASIST trainer to her practice, and by 2016 she had trained enough students to be a Master ASIST trainer.  In early 2017 she decided she needed something more to help her clients that were stuck in various areas and decided to add Hypnotherapy to her practice.  Most recently Linda decided to add a an additional Life Coaching Certification to her portfolio.  

2019 is starting out to be big one.  Linda's first book is currently in the publishing stage, It's My Grief & I'll Cry if I Want To, which will be available in the late Spring of 2019.   It's not hard to see that learning to Linda is a life long process that never fully ends, which is a belief she loves to pass along to her clients.   She loves to motivate her clients and help them identify their own path, with a primary goal to help them find joy, peace, and happiness.  

Linda married her current husband Jon, a retired Veteran on December 31, 2014.  Linda and Jon reside in Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia, where Linda continues to help others in her private practice, writing, coaching, teaching, advocating for mental health, and hypnosis.