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Pain, heartbreak, and confusion are just a few of the most common and uncomfortable emotions that you can experience in your grief. Through coaching, we are able to help you find hope, new beginnings, and a new purpose.  

Grief doesn't have an end date, but it changes.  You can learn to find love, joy, and peace along side of your grief.  

You may feel you are ready to re-build your life, but you are unsure of the direction.   Help and guidance is often needed in this journey of re-building.  

 Don't waste years feeling stuck, when there are choices you can make for a better future.

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Rates - $85 - $125/Session


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One Woman's Fearless Summit Halifax

August 24, 2019

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Author of a new and upcoming book.  Book Release 2019

 It's My Grief & I'll Cry if I Want To. Subtitle:  Help Yourself and Others Heal Their Broken Heart


($5 will go towards mental health & suicide prevention)


ASIST is a training that is near and dear to my heart, as a Mental Health Advocate. 

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Trained and certified through the National Guild of Hypnotists.  Hypnosis is offered as an individual service or in conjunction with Coaching, depending on individual client needs. 

With Grief, comes change and growth. Change is hard for most of us and sometimes needs a little extra push on things like: Forgiveness; Self Care; Anxiety & Stress; Finding Love; Relaxation and Sleep; Self-Confidence & Motivation; Stress and Anxiety; Fears and Phobias; Employment and Financial; Smoking/Addictions; and Weight Management 

Hypnotherapy is a great option for many areas of your life you are struggling with.

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